5 Skills to Study Efficiently and Effectively

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Here we’ll mention the skills that enable students to make the most out of their studying hours and make sure they don’t waste your time when studying.

When starting a higher education degree, there are many students who have a really hard time coping with all the workload and study materials they have. Many others have it extremely hard to get used to the fast pace with which they need to meet deadlines and study for exams. 

Even though during high school many students have acquired the habit of studying every day, high school' study load is nowhere near college and university degrees’. 

The first months of college education are the toughest, which, in turn, leads to cramming before exams or failing to meet deadlines. But students don't necessarily have to suffer so much.

How can prospective students prepare themselves for college life?

There isn't just one way in which students can succeed in college.  It depends on each student and what works for each of them. 
On the other hand, there are some skills students can muster, as soon as possible, that will make the transition from high school to college much easier and smoother.

What are Study Skills? 

Study skills are a set of skills students can develop during the course of their studies that will enable them to study and learn in an efficient way, that is, without wasting time. 

Each discipline may require a different set of skills that are appropriate for the field, but there are some generic skills that work across all disciplines. 

These skills also work for other life circumstances than studying, including full or part-time students, those who just graduated from high school, those returning to higher education later in life, among others.

Here are different sets of skills that are aimed at different kinds of studying activities, including getting organized, analyzing what we study, among many other things. 

5 Most Essential Study Skills


Even if it may sound easy, being organized is more difficult than it may seem. In turn, it is essential that those students who are not organized muster this skill if they want to avoid falling behind.

Getting organized to study not only means finding time to study. There's much more to it than just that. 

It is about scheduling days or even weeks in advance so that they are all the time aware of what they must do, which subjects require most urgent attention, what their upcoming deadlines are, among other things. 

Time Management

This skill is directly related to the previous one. 

Time management involves planning and organizing activities to exercise a conscious control of time. This means that those with time management skills are able to devote the right amount of time to all of the activities they need to do, which, in turn, enables them to do everything effectively and efficiently. 

Critical and Analytical Thinking

In order for students to understand what they learn and avoid studying by heart, critically analyzing and thinking about what they hear, read, watch, among other activities is a must. 

This way they will be able to acquire knowledge and remember the information in the long run. 

Effective Reading

When studying a college or university degree, students are required to read a lot of information related to many different disciplines in short periods of time. If they are to remember what they read, they must muster effective reading skills. With effective reading skills, students avoid wasting time on unimportant information and focus on what is really important.

Reading skills entail a conscious effort to make connections between topics, understand different opinions, do extensive research, and apply what they learn to other subjects. 

Note Taking

Taking notes when watching a video, reading, or hearing a lesson is one of the most essential skills for students across all disciplines. This skill enables students to make sure they take down the most important information when first being introduced to a topic, which, when going back to their notes, will help them focus on the most salient information and, in turn, remember everything else. It is kind of like a domino effect.

With these skills, students will certainly have an easier time transitioning from high school to college. If you want other tips on how to succeed in college, here you'll find more information on college life.

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