Not Sure What To Study In College? Earn 100k with these bachelors degree jobs

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Are you not sure what you want to study in college? Is earning more than $100k something you would like to accomplish as soon as possible? Check out this short list of bachelor’s degree jobs that can help you achieve that goal!

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has released the following list of occupations where a bachelor’s degree can lead to a job position that pays an annual salary of at least $100,000. 

Keep in mind that some employers do prefer or require job candidates to have a graduate degree. This, however, does not represent all potential employers and your chances of landing your dream, high paying career job are quite high with these following occupations.


Median salary in 2019: $108,350
Expected job growth 2018 to 2028: 20%

Actuaries assess and minimize financial risk. They usually work in the insurance industry. 

Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers

Median salary in 2019: $135,900
Expected job growth 2018 to 2028: 8%

Advertising managers boost interest in a product or service by developing marketing campaigns and ads. Promotions managers increase sales through advertising combined with a purchasing incentive.

Aerospace engineers

Median salary in 2019: $116,500
Expected job growth 2018 to 2028: 2%

Aerospace engineers design aircraft, missiles, satellites and spacecraft. This is an incredibly exciting field to be a part of.

Architectural and engineering managers

Median salary in 2019: $144,830
Expected job growth 2018 to 2028: 3%

Architectural and engineering managers will oversee plans in architectural and engineering companies. These managers work in offices, research labs, or even industrial production plants. Employers will definitely look for work experience as an architect or engineer.

Chemical engineers

Median salary in 2019: $108,770
Expected job growth 2018 to 2028: 2%

These engineers are involved in manufacturing processes related to chemicals, fuel, drugs, food and other types of products. 

Compensation and benefits managers

Median salary in 2019: $122,270
Expected job growth 2018 to 2028: 3%

These managers help develop the salary and benefit structures of any given organization or company. Managers focus on both specializations, while others focus on one. In this top career, you can help a company figure out how to benefit its employees the most.

Computer hardware engineers

Median salary in 2019: $117,220
Expected job growth 2018 to 2028: 6%

Computer hardware engineers will design and test computer systems and the various components involved in these systems. Computer engineers are necessary now more than ever in the age of increasing technology.

Computer network architects

Median salary in 2019: $112,690
Expected job growth 2018 to 2028: 5% 

Computer network architects design, build and maintain data communication networks. They may work with cloud infrastructures and intranets. Computer network architects are highly desired in today’s technology sector.

Human resources manager

Median salary in 2019: $116,720
Expected job growth 2018 to 2028: 7% 

HR managers will always look at the administrative functions of a business. HR managers help manage recruitment, interview and hiring processes. 

Sales managers

Median salary in 2019: $126,640
Expected job growth 2018 to 2028: 5% 

Sales managers direct the distribution of a company’s products to its customers. This can look like assigning sales territories, setting sales goals and creating training programs for sales representatives

Do these top career options interest you? Like we said, if one of your professional goals is earning a salary that is more than $100k then one of these options might be perfect for you! In order to land a job in one of these career paths, you will want to start by earning a bachelor's degree in a field of study related to the occupation.

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