Top 10 STEM High Schools in California

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Find out about the best STEM high schools in California!

Science, technology, engineering and math schools are high schools that challenge their students with STEM classes that will prepare them for tackling engineering and design challenges. 

STEM high schools in California typically help students develop the following key skills:

  • problem solving
  • creativity
  • critical analysis
  • teamwork
  • independent thinking
  • initiative
  • communication
  • digital literacy

Why else are California STEM high schools a great option?

Occupations in science, technology, engineering and math are growing every single year and STEM high schools prepare students for university degrees and job positions in these fields. STEM high schools can prepare their graduates for careers in these thriving and highly lucrative job fields.

Studying and working in STEM means learning about the world around you, finding innovative solutions to real-world problems and playing a role in some of the country and the world’s major discoveries and developments.

What are some other benefits of a STEM education offered at a California STEM school?

  • Encourages ingenuity and creativity – STEM educations teach ingenuity and creativity that can help lead students to come up with new ideas and innovations
  • Builds resilience – STEM students are taught in a safe environment that encourages them to experiment and try new solutions and teaches them that failure is an essential part of learning.
  • Encourages experimentation – STEM schools encourage students to take risks in order to make advancements when it comes to problem solving
  • Encourages teamwork – Teamwork is taught as a principle of problem solving. Students will understand how to collaborate with others in order to achieve a common goal
  • Encourages knowledge application – Students are taught skills in the classroom that they will be able to apply to the real world. High school students will then know how to apply this knowledge to new and novel tasks later on in life
  • Teaches problem-solving – STEM teaches students how to use critical thinking skills in order to solve problems.
  • Encourages adaptation – STEM high school students learn how to adapt to various kinds of scenarios, even the kind that you cannot always plan for or expect 

Future high school parents and students who are especially interested in high school curriculums that incorporate advanced level classes in science, technology, engineering and math can start by taking a look at this list some of the Top 10 STEM High Schools in the country. Each one of these STEM High schools offers high school students the chance to graduate with a high school diploma with a curriculum steeped in STEM concentration.

Top 10 STEM High Schools in California

1. Whitney High School
2. Lowell High School
3. Mission San Jose High
4. Lynbrook High
5. Monta Vista High School
6. Pacific Collegiate Charter
7. Henry M. Gunn High
8. Canyon Crest Academy
9. Saratoga High
10. Campolindo High

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