Students Should Make Use of Virtual College Tours During COVID-19

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Virtual college tours used to be just a useful tool to help weigh options when previewing potential college campuses. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, they are an online necessity!

As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues, it may be difficult to find the time and money to travel and visit potential college campuses. Rising high school seniors or current college students who are looking to transfer the following school year may want the chance to visit campuses to “get an idea” or “a feel” of the campus before committing.

Virtual, online college tours are the way to go for right now.

Many colleges and universities have tapped into 360-degree video and online virtual reality to give prospective students a chance to view the campus online from hundreds or thousands of miles away. Online college tours are a virtual way for students to familiarize themselves with the college campus.

Students can usually click through a web-based virtual tour of interactive photos and videos designed to be compatible with all kinds of mobile devices.

The original purpose of online college tours were to target prospective students who couldn’t physically get to a college campus for various reasons such as time, travel or cost. Virtual tours online were designed to help low-income or first-generation students without the ability to visit campus as well as international students who live incredibly far.

Now, with the constant backdrop of COVID-19, online college tours can help all students visit potential campuses while respecting social and physical distancing guidelines.

Online virtual tours allow students to visit a campus in a matter of minutes.

When it is possible to do so, students can and should try to organize to visit college campuses in person. However, in the meantime, students should take advantage of online virtual college tours.

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