Quick Guide to Succeeding in Online High School Classes

Friday, September 11, 2020

High school students in California and across the country have to continue to study online while they work towards their high school diplomas as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Parents and high school students should check out this quick guide to learn how to do well in online high school!

Whether this your first time engaging in online distance learning or you have already taken online high school classes before, we will make sure to give you tips that can help you do well as you navigate your online high school semester!

1. Be positive!

Thriving through a change such as a transition to online learning can be tough but doable, and even more so with a positive attitude. Adopting a positive attitude about online learning, rather than complaining from the get-go, can help online high school students out.

2. Get organized and stay organized.

Do your best to set up an orderly space at home where online learning and online schoolwork can take place! Organize books, computer, pens, paper and other supplies. Using labels to organize folders and notes can be quite helpful. It will also be helpful to organize all computer files. Using a to-do list can be very useful as well.

3. Establish a stable but flexible online routine.

Online school and blended learning will usually give students a more flexible schedule through the use of pre-recorded online classes doled out through asynchronous class sessions. However, many high school students may also be experiencing plenty of synchronous, live sessions in which they are required to connect themselves live to a class. Setting up a routine will help you stay on task.

4. Set personal goals.

Think about what it is that you want to accomplish—both short term and long term! Establish goals. Perhaps, for this week, your goal is to finish working on a paper or studying for an exam. Perhaps, for this year, your goal is to do well in school so that you can have the best report card possible at the end of the academic year. Perhaps, in the long-term, you want to apply to college!

5. Use the resources that your high school provides you!

Online high school programs should provide students with online resources that they will use for their online classes. Do not forget about the human resources that are at your disposal as well! Parents, teachers, school counselors and principals are great sources of information and you should make sure to reach out and ask questions whenever you want help.

6. Stay on track!

It is always better to be ahead than to leave everything behind for the last minute. Try to break down big online projects into small, manageable pieces. This will help you do well overall, without over stressing yourself.

7. Exercise and stay healthy.

High school students will spend a lot of time, seated at their desks and virtually chained to their laptops. Remember to get some fresh air and schedule physical fitness into any weekly routine. Physical exercise can help boost mood, energy and, ultimately, brainpower!

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