5 Bachelor's Degrees With The Highest Payoff

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

High school students who want to go to college after earning their high school diploma but are not sure what they want to study will want to check out this list of the top ten bachelor’s degrees with the highest pay off.

Wondering what bachelor’s degree to earn when you start your undergraduate college career? Check out this quick list of top 5 bachelor’s degrees and the average salaries that you can earn.

The salaries are based on starting and mid-career median pay for individuals who have had at least ten years of experience in their respective field.

Petroleum Engineering

Median Salary: $176,900
Oil and gas remain at the forefront of both national and international politics and the economy so it is not quite surprising that a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering results in a high pay off over time.

Petroleum engineers work with energy resources and figure out how to develop methods for extracting oil and gas as well as how to keep older oil and gas wells profitable.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Median Salary: $142,200
Electrical engineers and computer science professionals are able to make grand changes in the fields of communication networks, cryptography and computer security, and artificial intelligence and robotics.

Applied Economics and Management

Median Salary: $140,000
Applied economics and management bachelor’s degree programs will help students start the path to high paying managerial positions in businesses and large companies.

Operations Research

Median Salary: $137,100
Operations researchers learn how to use advanced mathematical modeling, statistics and computers to solve real world problems such as mass transportation or large-scale scheduling.

Political Economy

Median Salary: $136,200
Political science economists focus on the interrelationships between government, public policy and the general population. These political economists work for government agencies, think tanks or universities, and study how these all play out in the real world.

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