Types of Assignments You Can Expect to Find in an Online Bachelor's Degree

Friday, October 22, 2021

Considering pursuing an online degree after finishing high school? Here are some types of assignments you can expect to find in online learning programs.

Students who are considering pursuing an online degree after they graduate from high school should do extensive research into what studying online looks like. Preparing beforehand will give them a heads up and enable them to be aware of what they will have to do and if they are cut out for online learning.

There are many benefits to online learning, the main one being flexibility, which is why more and more students are flocking to online programs. Being able to choose when and where to study is the main reason students choose online learning, as they find it much more convenient than attending classes on campus with such a tight schedule that most of them find it difficult to do other things than study.

Something students considering online learning should be aware of is the types of assignments online programs require students to do, as they are different from traditional, on-campus programs.

7 Types if Assignments in Online Learning Programs

Some of the assignments online students can expect find are:

1. Online Presentations

Even though online students are not in a classroom, they may be required to do either live or recorded presentations to classmates and teachers. They can use Prezi or other softwares to make their presentations more visually appealing. 

2. Research Papers

These assignments are typical mostly in graduate level programs in many different disciplines. In general, universities offer their online students remote access to their library and other resources.

3. Group Projects

Even though online students don’t attend classes in-person and have face-to-face contact with their classmates, they may still be required to work in groups to do group projects. There are several tools available for students to work synchronically even if they are from different ends of the country or even the world, including Google Docs, Zoom conferences, Skype, email, among others. 

4. Discussion Boards

Discussion forums are very typical in online programs. In general, professors pose questions and students are required to respond to the prompt and to make comments to other students’ responses. 

5. Blogs

Students can be asked to reflect on personal experiences, internships, among other kinds of assignments. They can also update their blogs throughout the semester and they can answer their classmates' contributions.

6. Wikis

Wikis make it possible for students to comment or edit on a shared document, answer questions, share personal experiences, launch discussions, among others. When it comes to group work, wikis are other kinds of tools students can use. 

7. Assessing Real-World Scenarios and Case Studies

This kind of assignment is highly helpful for students to learn what actually happens in the real world, not just in theory. Students may be required to read or watch a video that provides them with information about a situation related to the online course material and analyze it accordingly. 

These are some of the assignments online students can expect to find throughout their online studies. If you want to learn more about online learning, click here to find our selection of helpful articles.

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