Signs that you are Ready for the ACT or SAT

Friday, June 18, 2021

Here are 3 signs that you are ready to sit for the ACT or SAT.

Making life-changing decisions seems something adults have to worry about. However, senior year in high school is full of major steps that may determine our future. From choosing what to study and what colleges to apply to, to taking the SAT or ACT and getting your goal score. 

Taking the ACT or SAT is a major challenge and you shouldn't take them if you don't feel ready. It can be really hard to tell when you are ready. For that reason, there are some signs you can pay attention to that will help you determine whether you are ready or not. 

You've taken practice exams several times and scored above what you target

If you've taken practice exams and you've done higher than your goal scorer, this might be a sign you are ready to take the test one. 

You need to consider several factors, including when you’ve taken practice exams for the last time, how you did and why you did that high.

For instance, if you’ve taken them not so long ago, more than once and you scored high, then you might be ready to take the real ones.

However, if you took them months ago, haven’t studied ever since, and you guessed on a sizable number of questions, then most probably you aren’t ready and should keep on studying. 

You are able to explain the most difficult concepts to someone else

Teaching is one of the best ways to find out if you really know something, because you need to master a topic before being able to put it into words to teach it and having the other person understand.

Being able to explain difficult concepts to someone who isn’t familiar with the topics most probably means you’ve mastered them and are ready to take the test.

You have mastered not only content, but also test-taking strategies

If you have understood the concepts and you are sure you can approach all the types of questions or tasks on the exam, you are still half way there.

That is to say that, even if you are comfortable with the content, you still need to focus on test-taking strategies. These strategies will allow you to save time and help you from not falling into traps. Since many questions or tasks are designed to trick you, you need to exhaust all possible options to make sure you avoid an uncomfortable situation. 

If you are confident about these three statements, you might be ready to register for an upcoming ACT or SAT and pass them!

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