Learn How to Manage Your Time before College

Friday, October 29, 2021

Taking matters into your own hands by learning to manage time efficiently is a must as a university student. Make sure you learn how to manage your time and keep on schedule before you start college with these tips.

Transitioning from high school to college is a huge process that many students have a hard time dealing with at first. The coursework and study materials are much more extensive, classes are much more difficult, and it is obviously not so easy to get used to the fast pace with which students need to juggle with everything, from assignments to exams and projects. 

For that reason, the most important skill you need to develop, the sooner the better, even before beginning college is time management, as it will help you deal with everything you will need to study in a short time.

Things we should avoid when studying

Setting up unrealistic schedules

It is easy to think we can get everything done when we wake up in the morning. We feel like we have the whole day ahead of us. But, when the afternoon comes, we find out we haven’t done half of it. When we set up unrealistic schedules, we will only end up feeling disappointed and frustrated. 


Leaving everything until the last minute and thinking we will be able to finish on time is also unrealistic and will make us not even feel frustrated but also fail a test. 

For that reason, we need to find a balance between these two states and learn how to manage our time in an efficient and realistic way, which is an extremely important skill students must develop as soon as possible.

Tips to Manage your Time Effectively

Do short to-do lists for each day
These lists can help students visualize everything they have to do, which is useful to not forget anything. However, they can be counterproductive if they are too long. Establishing a to-do list with 2 to 4 things, depending on the length of each one of them, is the best way to set up realistic expectations that you are able to meet. 

Set a timer
When it comes to studying, there are many things that can be a distraction. Watching an episode of the series you are currently watching, scrolling through social media, talking to friends, among other things might be more interesting than studying, but this way you won’t get anything done. 

For that reason, setting a timer for at least an hour in which you cannot touch your phone and you have to study will help you concentrate. After the timer finishes, you can take a short break to do whatever you want to do and, then, set another timer.

Get rid of distractions
As stated above, getting distracted can be pretty easy. Our phones are proven to be the biggest source of distraction for students. Turning it off or at least silencing it will be really helpful, as you won’t get distracted every time you get a notification.

Find out when you are most productive
Maintaining a high level of concentration and productivity during the whole day is almost impossible. Most people find that they are most productive at a certain time of the day. You need to figure out at which time of the day you are most productive and try to schedule your day around this time so that you can study when it better suits you. 

Make sure you prepare and anticipate the future so that you avoid having such a hard time when starting college. 

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