How to Write a College Application Essay

Friday, March 11, 2022

The essay is one of the parts of the college application that worries most students. Here are some tips that can help high school students write a college application essay.

Writing the college application essay is the worst part of the application process for most students, but it’s something everyone who wants to attend college has to go through. 

Why is it that students have such a hard time applying for college? Well, taking into account that there’s so much at stake and this is a highly competitive process, it goes without saying that students will be worried. 

A way to tone down the stress a little is to look for help. This way, you’ll know whether you are going the right way. The following are some tips that will help students write the college application essay.

Tips to help students write their College Application Essay

Take as much time as you need

Telling our story isn’t easy. Taking the time to process what you want to say and put it into words is essential. 

It’s recommended that students start during the summer prior to their senior year. This will give them enough time to think about what they want to say and how to convey that message.

Choose your topic carefully

The amount of topics students can choose to write their application essay is vast. The question of what to write about is the most common one among college applicants. Choosing what to write about is definitely a daunting task.

There are several prompts put forward by the college that might guide you, but they may not be so helpful, as they tend to be open-ended questions.

Students are advised to narrow down these questions and try to find a more specific prompt that they can tailor to their own experience. Writing about their hobbies, dreams, interests, expectations, experiences and how they shape who they are could be an interesting topic to write about. 

Don’t forget about length and precision

After choosing a topic, the writing stage begins. Students might encounter another challenge during their writing stage: How long should it be?

Schools typically give a suggested word count for application essays, but this isn’t always stricts so students have a little freedom when it comes to word count. 

The essay shouldn’t be either too short nor too long. Finding a balance between short and long is vital. So, even though the word count is a suggestion, sticking to it will go a long way in keeping readers engaged.

In addition, students should avoid being vague as well as being wordy. Finding the right words to convey the nuances you intend in your message will help you up your game.

Own the process

Students should be the owners of the writing process. That is, they should find what works best for them, because it may not be the same as for others. This is a personal process, and students should take it as such.

There are many strategies that can use to write their essay, from outlining, to brainstorming, to writing several samples. This is a self-discovery essay, and you’ll learn what you feel more comfortable with during this process.

Revision and edition are musts

Once students finish writing, they should take some time off. After some days have gone by, they will be able to go back to the essay with a clearer and more critical mind, which are vital for the revising and editing process.

With these tips, we hope your essay writing process is a little bit less stressful.

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