How to Succeed in High School: 8 Useful Tips!

Friday, December 3, 2021

Here you’ll find 8 tips that have proven to help students succeed in high school!

What does it mean to succeed in high school? Succeeding in high school can look differently for each student.

  • Some students might feel they are successful if they earn a 4.0 GPA.
  • Others if they earn a top ranked position within the student body.
  • Other students might feel successful if they land a leading role in the school’s play.
  • Some students consider their time in high school as an essential formative step towards getting into the college of their dreams. 

Even though high school isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of process, whatever it is that success in high school looks like for you, there are some tips that might help students achieve their goals.

#1. Set your own short-term and long-term goals

Establishing their own goals will help high school students to learn about their patterns of behavior, habits, motivations, etc. Make sure you set up realistic, achievable goals.

#2. Learn to manage your time efficiently

It is proven that people, in this case high school students, who develop a sense of time management in every activity they have to do are more likely to achieve their goals. Time management enables students to be organized and make sure they devote the amount of time necessary to each activity, whether it is studying, writing an essay, doing assignments, among many other things.

#3. Choose a balanced Course Load

It’s not always easy to find the balance between challenging yourself and maintaining your physical and mental health at the same time. 

Choosing challenging classes is key to keep students engaged, and they are extremely helpful when applying for college, but excess rigor can lead to burn out! Make sure you don’t overload yourself, because burn out will keep you from performing as well as you can and will probably damage your health.

#4. Engage in extracurricular activities

Learn about the issues that your local community is facing! Engage with local organizations to learn more.

#5. Be active in class

Participating in class enables students to stay engaged in the learning process from the beginning. It’s been proven that students who participate in class have an easier time encoding new information.

#6. Take care of your physical and mental health

Health should always be our #1 priority, but it is a well-known fact that high school students are notorious for wearing themselves thin. Getting enough sleep is essential! Eat well. Take good mental care of yourself. Take breaks when you need them. Putting your physical and mental health at the top of your list of priorities will help ensure your overall success now and in the future.

#7. Remember to say No

Being able to take care of yourself also means saying no when you know you can't add something more to your plate. If you don't have time to add another activity, project, or anything else, then listen to yourself and say no.

#8. Build a Support Network

Form connections with your peers, teachers, and counselors as you continue throughout your high school journey. You do not need to do everything on your own! These connections can provide you with great socio emotional support as well as academic and professional backing.

These 8 tips will help you succeed in high school, whatever it is that success looks like for you! 

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