How to Prepare for College during High School

Friday, February 11, 2022

Preparing for freshman year is essential to avoid having such a hard time getting used to college. Learn how you can get ready for college during high school with these tips.

For many students, getting used to college as they go through their freshman year is really hard, as the transition from high school to college is a huge step many are not ready for.

For that reason, we strongly advise students to get ready for college before this transition starts, that is, during high school.

How can you get ready for college? The following are some of the tips potential college students can take into consideration to prepare for college as they go through their final year in high school.

Get ready for College with these tips

1. Read as much as possible

At university, students are required to read much more than in high school, which is why getting used to reading for several hours before starting classes could help. 

Whether reading for leisure or finding out which are the books in the University’s recommended list, it’s vital that students get used to reading several hours a day and make sure they can stay focused on the reading material.

2. Conduct research into potential college majors

Some students know which major they want to pursue even before they start college, but others have a harder time finding what’s right for them. 

Even though students aren’t required to declare a major right away, it’s important that they are at least aware of what all the options are, what each of them involves and leads to.

3. Develop time management skills

Being away from family, many students experience a new-found sense of independence,  which may lead to spending more time with friends than studying, and this many times causes them to fall behind on their studies. 

Other students study so much they get sick,  which by no means is a better option. 

For that reason, developing time management skills beforehand is vital! They will know how much time they have to devote to each activity so that they can balance their studies with their hobbies. 

4. Take advantage of orientation activities

Most colleges and universities offer orientation activities, which are a great opportunity to get to know the facilities and the faculty before classes start. This way,  they won't be lost when the time comes.

5. Be aware of where you can go for academic help

Colleges and universities typically offer students counseling on how to deal with their course load, what is expected of them in an essay, and every other possible academic issue they might encounter during their studies. 

We highly recommend incoming students are aware of this kind of help before they begin classes so that they know where to look for help when they need it.

These are only a few of the tips that’ll help incoming students get used to college even before classes begin. If you need more information on how to prepare for your freshman year in college, click here to find all of our insightful articles. 

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