5 Useful Tips to Get Into College

Friday, February 4, 2022

When high school students start thinking about college the mystery and the stress start. Here we share with you, potential college students, 6 strategies to help you get into college.

The moment students start their high school journey, it’s only a matter of time until the feelings of anxiety regarding college start to come up. There are still four years ahead, but the pressure to start worrying about college is already there, as the years they spend in high school will have an impact on their future.

Any student who intends to attend college must go through the college application process, which is overwhelming and stressful for many students, if not all.

Many of them may feel lost, not knowing where to start or what to do, since the process is pretty well-known by everyone, but this doesn’t make it less uncertain.

In order to help high school students who intend to go to college, we share 6 tips they can implement to get into college

How to get into college: 5 Tips for high school students

1. Start to think about college as early as possible

This doesn’t mean you need to start looking for colleges or worrying about it so much, but it’s important to make it a four-year process. This means you should focus from the start on getting the best education your high school can offer so that you are completely prepared for college when the time comes. 

Taking a proactive approach to high school is extremely important, as your time there is your responsibility and no one else’s. Make sure you are making the most out of high school so when the time of applying for college comes you will have an easier time knowing which are your strengths and weaknesses, where you stand out, what your skills are, among other things that you will need to consider.

2. Challenge yourself

Some of the factors admissions officers emphasize overall when weighing college applications include GPA, standardized test scores, grades in AP classes, and a rigorous curriculum.

Because of this, it’s vital that you make sure you make these factors your top priority from the beginning. 

When we say challenge yourself, we want to emphasize that you do so responsibly. What do we mean by that? Do not take AP classes just because. Take time to think about what your interests are, what you are good at, and the kind of degree you may pursue in college when choosing AP classes. This will enable you to really enjoy the classes you take and you’ll have an easier time studying and getting high grades, which will matter when applying for college.

3. Be really involved in the process

A common mistake students who are going through the college application process make is not really committing to the process, which can be catastrophic. Many times, this will lead to a too broad application, as they themselves won’t even know what they really want.

In order to be really involved in the process, students should take the time to get to know themselves first, and then do as much as they can to learn what works best for them.

Doing extensive research into as many schools as possible is vital. Consider small schools, big schools, prestigious schools, research universities, and any other kind of university you can think of. After doing this, you will have a pretty good idea of what each of them has to offer and what kind of schools will work best for you and your interests.

4. Be yourself

Trying to impress admissions officers when applying for college is very common, and also important, but you need to make sure you are not remaking yourself. 

Being honest and staying true to yourself is vital. There are thousands of schools in the U.S., we’re sure you will be able to find the one that offers what you are looking for, from the kind of classes to the kinds of opportunities it will give you. 

5. Explain your mishaps

Students aren’t required to have perfect records. This would be unimaginable, as making mistakes is human and that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a spot at a higher education institution.

However, make sure you can explain why you made any significant mistakes. Your mistakes also make you who you are, so you can take the opportunity to emphasize in the personal essay how they shaped who you are, how they helped you grow, and even to explain why you got a low grade. 

Remember: There’s room for error, but make sure you have an explanation for it.

We hope these tips help you during your college application process.

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